​Future-proof your CSR & Sustainability career 

​I help busy CSR/Sustainability ​and International Development ​professionals ​build resilient careers and high impact skills to stay relevant in a changing job market and thrive in the uncertain Future of Work.

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Career Conversations 1:1

​​​​If you look for a compassionate mentor to have ​meaningful conversations about your career path, I'm here for you.

​​LinkedIn + Twitter Presence

​Request detailed ​review of your LinkedIn and Twitter professional profiles to better leverage ​new career opportunities.

​C​​reative and Independent

​​Ready to test YOUR very own ​side project or ​craft an ​offer and need feedback? Let’s have a laser-focused conversation.

​Online Courses

​I create and deliver value-driven online courses and learning experiences specific to CSR/Sustainability professionals.

​​​AI ​for Good ​& Biz Growth

​Ask for help in connecting your business development needs to social purpose and implementing sustainable innovation.

​Sustainability Careers

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​Resilient Sustainability Careers

  • ​In the era of career resilience and AI, I support CSR and Sustainability profesionals in shaping their own Future of Work.
  • Career Conversations help gain more confidence and clarity.
  • ​Learning and professional networking enrich and empower.
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Online Courses & MasterClasses: ​Curious to learn about the most impactful strategies and skills to fast-track your career development?
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​CSR and Sustainability

​Ambitious and dynamic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability ​practitioners, committed to their continuous professional development, determined to ​grow critical skillsets and use ​careers to do their best innovative work and make a difference in the world. Your job titles and responsibilities may vary (e.g. include strategy, ESG reporting, business and human rights, marketing and communications, partnerships, public affairs, responsible sourcing, supply chain, ​ethical trade, impact investing, risk management, legal ​advice and compliance, research, consulting, not for profit​). Modern corporate professionals curious to experiment with o​wn side project.

​International Development

​Modern International Development and Business professionals with ​versatile skill sets looking for a career switch from nonprofit (local and global NGOs and agencies) to ​the private sector ​(or vice versa) to engage​ with inequality, human rights and sustainable development issues ​to ​​​address pressing social challenges​ and contribute to global society and human wellbeing. You might also want to ​explore ​new career opportunities in your current sector or industry.

​Consultants Entrepreneurs

​Crafting your offer, community building strategies​ and practical ​tips on what works​. Ideal for consultants and entrepreneurs ​in corporate responsibility, ​business and human rights, digital social innovation and social impact space, ​interested to ​​refine and/or expand their ​services and facilitate collaborative peer learning. Alternatively, you might ​be an independent expert and also have flexible/part-time employment or look​ for making such arrangement work for you. If you ​need support, I'd love to help you - let's chat!  

​Artificial Intelligence

​​Interested to future-proof your technology-making company or project (or company in any industry deploying AI technolog​​ies) with ​innovative business ​growth, risk/impacts management and sustainability strategies contributing to ​a human-centered economy, customer trust and, ultimately, to your bottom line? Hire me as a​n independent consultant, advisor or member of ​AI ​Business Development/Customer Relations, Strategy/Partnerships/Innovation ​and AI for Good team ​in Vienna, Austria or remote​. ​​Explore what ​I bring to the table and let's ​discuss how ​​we could collaborate, especially if you value diversity​ and new ​​ways of looking at things!  


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CSR/Sustainability Careers & the Future of Work

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