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Advance your career, one meaningful conversation at a time.


Why have CSR/Sustainability Career Conversations?

Key benefits of truly meaningful career conversations.


Do you feel overwhelmed or confused about your career path? Not sure if you are moving in the right direction? Thinking to change industry or sector? Clarity is crucial to move forward in your career.


Once you are clear about your goals, how do you identify the most relevant opportunities for career growth? Where you invest your time and resources will define the success of your efforts.


It could be easy to start doubting own abilities, especially when we feel vulnerable. Building your self-esteem and surrounding yourself with people who lift you up could help restore confidence.

Take Charge of Your Career Development

Only you can make your best career decisions. You hold the power. Reach out when you need feedback, support or guidance.

Craft Your CSR/Sustainability Career

Mastering the essentials is key to your career success.


your CSR/SUSTAINABILITY career path clarity

What do you want to achieve in your career? Getting crystal clear on career goals is the foundation for all your decisions. You could experiment with various strategies, but you need to know where you want to go. 




It’s only when we manage to cut through the noise and focus our attention and energy on truly important things, we could achieve meaningful results. To advance your career faster, eliminate the non-essentials.




No matter where you are now in your career, your confidence matters both in good and tough times. Always believe in yourself, you are enough. Use challenges and overwhelm to pause, reflect and make creative decisions. 


Why have Career Conversations with me?

Consider key benefits of our CSR/Sustainability career conversations.

CSR/Sustainability Career Conversations benefits

  • With specific focus on CSR/Sustainability professionals and continuous scan of global careers trends, I offer extremely tailored support.  
  • With diverse and direct experience from all sectors, several industries and geographies in variety of roles, I have a wealth of practical insights.
  • By intentionally growing my professional network and tracking global CSR/Sustainability news, I stay on top of the industry/profession trends.
  • By being independent, I have a luxury of corporate politics - free zone, where we could focus just on your career goals, not your employer.
  • You don't need to impress me: you could be just yourself with all your strengths, imperfections and vulnerabilities. I will not judge. Instead, I will do all my best to understand your struggles and support you.
  • I am a no - nonsense communicator. Both you and me will have to do some homework, so that we make the most of our time together.
  • My outside perspective could be just what you need to get unstuck and move forward, inspired by fresh ideas and practical insights.
  • My motivation and main goal is not to make you dependent on me but to empower you to build resilient CSR/Sustainability career.
  • I am pro-actively exploring challenges and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence technology for the Future of Work, society and CSR/Sustainability careers, including trends on top future-ready skills.
  • While I don't have all the answers (nobody does), I could help ask better questions, gain a new perspective, identify useful learning and networking opportunities, provide timely feedback and guidance.

International Development/CSR Sustainability/Independent

  • With cross-sector experience and indepth understanding of the substance of CSR/Sustainability, Business and Human Rights and International Development work, I have profound and nuanced insights that are invaluble for addressing career transitions challenges.
  • With practical experience in International Development and Business (with companies of all sizes), I could help you figure out career opportunities in the private sector or support with transition from the private sector CSR/Sustainability role to Global Development field.
  • Ready to go independent or start a small side project to test the ground (this would be a very smart move for anyone!) and prepare for the future career transition? I've been there and I am willing to share my experience and help you become future ready, today.
  • Once we are more aware of our (often) self-imposed limiting beliefs and negative situations that hold us back, we could make better career decisions. I'd like to help you recognize your own potential and figure out how you could realize it to the fullest extent possible. 

Career Conversations:

One of the most effective ways to advance your CSR/Sustainability career is to have frequent conversations with your mentors, peers and other professionals you trust and respect. Regular meaningful feedback, exchange of ideas and insights could go a long way in helping you build confidence, increase self-awareness and expand your career horizons.

Build Resilient CSR/Sustainability Career

Invest in your career and well-being essentials, less is more.

Your career is more than your current job. Your well-being and career development are interrelated. What is your definition of CSR/Sustainability career success? Where do you stand on different dimensions of a resilient career? What if you could easily engage in meaningful career conversations with someone who gets your work and wants you to succeed? How the quality of your life would change if you would focus your energy on the essentials?

Own Your Next Career Move

Take ownership of your professional development. Be the CEO of your CSR/Sustainability Career. Ask feedback when you need it.

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JOB 1:1

Easy, quick way to get focused feedback & a new perspective to get unstuck or move forward faster at your JOB, with more clarity and renewed confidence.

  • 1x30 min conversation 1:1
  • via Zoom video call
  • Follow-up email
  • Please book 2x if you need longer (1 hour) conversation.

Goal-based Mastermind (3-7 people): four weeks of intensive focus, guided action, and continuous feedback. Best choice for peer-to-peer collaborative learning experience.

  • 4 weekly mastermind group calls x 90 min each
  • via Zoom video call
  • Ongoing online communitysupport during the mastermind

Laser focused Strategy  Conversation, if you have enough Enthusiasm, Curiosity & Courage to craft and take off the ground your OWN Creative Project (e.g. small side project, if you are employed full-time or product/services offer, if you want to go independent or combine employment & consulting) and need feedback or guidance. 

  • 1 hour conversation 1:1
  • via Zoom video call
  • Ongoing email support 7 days
  • Next Steps recommendations

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