​Career Conversations 1:1

​With specific focus on Corporate Responsibility (​CSR), Sustainability and International Development professionals, I ​offer extremely tailored support, including also with transition from Global Development field to the Private Sector (and vice versa) or testing a side project to prepare to go independent.

Advance your career, one meaningful conversation at a time. Reach out when you need feedback, support or guidance.

​​LinkedIn​ and Twitter Presence

Your intentional and strategic LinkedIn and Twitter presence could make a real difference for your job and career, no matter where you are in the world. No, it’s not just about your polished profiles, it’s how you show up.

Are you leveraging the power of ​LinkedIn and Twitter for your personal brand and career development? Request a detailed ​review and get ​personalized ​recommendations on how to level up.

Based on your current career goals, I will also provide actionable tips (and video tutorial) how to optimise your profile for search engines, so that you are found on LinkedIn platform and Google.


​​​Responsible AI Innovation

​Artificial Intelligence is not only about technology. It’s also about social impacts of AI systems on people and society and sustainable innovation.

The ultimate success of your ​​company or project ​will always depend on ​​your ability to attract, retain and ​engage with people with diverse background​ and interdisciplinary expertise​.

Doing business with sustainability ​'by design' is ​good for the bottom line.

​​Check out my dedicated website and Responsible AI Innovation consulting services​.