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LinkedIn and Twitter

As a professional, you know: presence on LinkedIn is a must-have. What if you could amplify its benefits by adding a non-obvious tool for growing your career, Twitter and learning how to use the power of both social networks to future-proof your profile and discover new career development pathways which you may not have previously considered?

Continuous learning

In a rapidly changing world, it is vital that we all become independent continuous learners, get access to diverse views outside of our immediate environment and filter our 'bubbles'. Twitter is among top personal and professional learning tools. You could learn from the most brilliant minds you've never met before as well as share your knowledge and exchange experience.

Thought leadership

Twitter is one of the best places to stay on top of your industry trends, current issues, high interest events and learn about what’s happening in your domain across the world literally at a glance. By consistently engaging on LinkedIn and Twitter, sharing curated valuable resources and your own insights you add credibility to your professional profile and establish thought leadership.

Global peers & leaders

While LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network, Twitter is also a to-go platform for professional social networking, curation and real-time chats. Consider leveraging Twitter as a backchannel during high profile conferences by using relevant hashtags, asking questions and joining critical global conversations even when you don't attend in person.

Grow your network

When you use LinkedIn and Twitter to engage with peers, industry leaders and influencers, to share your ideas, valuable resources with others and to learn or get inspired by others, you invest in growing and nurturing your most strategic asset for career development: your professional network.

New opportunities

Your intentional presence on LinkedIn could connect you to new opportunities. The serendipity effect on Twitter could work in amazing ways - as you tune in, be open to discover new ideas, connect to bright professionals, stumble upon extremely useful links and provocative thoughts that will make you reflect and over time may lead to unexpected career development choices.

LinkedIn and Twitter 360-degree career view

  • First, to remain relevant in our fields of expertise, we should make wise choice of available tools, platforms and resources for professional development. Adding Twitter to your personal toolkit and committing to use it consistently is vital to stay on top of your industry.
  • Second, you can quickly scan industry news and updates, track important conversations, listen and directly engage with global peers, leaders and influencers - no connection request needed. It's all at your fingertips!
  • Third, use both LinkedIn and Twitter to share and find useful resources, fill in your knowledge gaps, get fresh insights and broaden your perspective on things that matter most to you.
view of your career

LINKEDIN and TWITTER presence: ask feedback

You don't need to choose between LinkedIn and Twitter for advancing your professional goals. Networking on these platforms shouldn't be hard or intimidating! How strategic, practical and thoughtful are your approaches?

why networking on linkedin and twitter?

Your network is your net worth. - Porter Gale

Profile and Credibility
meaningful digital footprint

Your career is more than your current job, no matter whether today you work for a small organisation or for an impressive company. How are you engaging with industry professionals outside of your immediate circle and make your voice heard? Are you leveraging modern technologies and social platforms to share your knowledge, experience and resources to help others and build your own credibility through consistent and meaningful digital presence?

Continuous Learning

We all need to develop a mindset of lifelong learning to remain relevant in our field of expertise and to thrive in our careers in the face of disruption and continuous change. Therefore, using Twitter, in addition to LinkedIn, helps maintain sharp awareness about industry and global trends, learn new things and constantly update your knowledge. Do you use social media for professional development?

Social Capital
strong network

Relationships are what realy matters to have a fulfilling career. As a rule, people with diverse external network move forward faster through their careers and are likely to make smarter and more informed decisions. What role does LinkedIn play in building your network? Are you tapping into the power of Twitter and its opportunities for listening, joining or striking conversations and making interesting global professional connections?


This audit offer of LinkedIn and Twitter profiles is relevant to:  

  • Business professionals interested to expand and grow their global network
  • Sustainability and Business and Human Rights professionals
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) professionals
  • International development/global development professionals 
  • Lawyers interested in CSR/Sustainability/Global development
  • Business professionals switching to CSR/Sustainability careers
  • NGO leaders advancing own social impact career and building network 
  • Students interested in  CSR and Sustainability careers and diverse network
  • Tech professionals (AI specialists and Data Scientists) interested to move from private sector to international development field


Alla Kos

LinkedIn and Twitter: my approach

Instead of making you depend on me, I help building your own capacity to be in charge of your career development and professional networking. I believe that, while we could benefit from some support, we could not outsource our personality and voice. I'd like to see more smart professionals shaping global online conversations and leveraging social media for advancing their careers!

linkedin and twitter PROFILE REVIEW: HOw it works



Firstly, you book audit by making your payment (below): payment is powered by Stripe, secure online payments processing platform. Secondly, you send links to your public LinkedIn and Twitter professional profiles and brief description of your online networking and career goals, by email.



I will take a very close look at your public profiles and social interactions on LinkedIn and Twitter. In your introductory email, please feel free to describe your successes, challenges and frustrations (if any) in using these platforms for networking and career advancement.



I'll get back to you with a report (writtern and short video)  and personalized recommendations on how you could improve your online presence and make the most out of LinkedIn and Twitter social platforms! In addition, I will include relevant good practices examples. If you choose Audit + Conversation 1:1 package, we will also schedule a video call via Zoom.

Finally, if you want to make sure that your career keeps up with the fast and constantly changing world, Twitter (in addition to LinkedIn) is one of the best learning tools and social networking platforms to leverage. 

If you don't have your Twitter account yet, it's OK! Based on your LinkedIn profile and current career goals, I will include a few examples for inspiration and practical tips. You will then decide, if you want to give it a go and make the most of this powerful combination of LinkedIn and Twitter.

Your INVESTMENT: linkedin and twitter audit


What predicts our success and well-being in life and careers? Researchers say it's the power of developing mutually supportive relationships and quality of our networks. Your personal and professional network of support is your Social Capital.  

When you have a strong network, it will help you build visibility, move forward faster and open doors to new career opportunties.  

Building your Skills and your Social Capital are the most powerful ways to advance your CSR/Sustainability and International Development careers.

Invest wisely.  

aim to thrive in your career, not just survive or even strive!

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Thrive or Fall?

“Change or be changed. Learn to thrive in a networked world or fall.”
- Adam M. Grant, Power Moves

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